Today's Date is April 9, 2020


Jack D. Grooms Former President

Quality Mills, Inc., Former President / Chief Executive Officer 

Valdese Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Much of his success in strengthening our team was his thorough evaluation of people – starting with knowledge testing, individual motivation, work ethic and many other important attributes. After starting his professional executive search firm, Ron placed me as President and CEO of another textile manufacturing company which I ran for six years and helped the owners sell out to a larger more diversified company. Harold Mitchel, one of the owners always praised Ron because he followed up on my progress for six months.

Robert Merritt

Chairman of Search Committee

North Carolina Granite Corporation, Inc.

Your comprehensive presentation of candidates and the thoroughness and attention to detail, which you displayed throughout the entire process, indicated that you clearly went above and beyond the call of duty.

Candidate for Quality Control Manager

Fabric Printing Manufacturer

I want to extend my deepest appreciation for all the help you provided me during our recent search. You overextended yourself with your time and effort throughout the interviewing process. While I understand you may consider this just part of your job, my experiences with recruiters in the past clearly shows you do a much more thorough and professional job. I felt we established a relationship that showed you were very concerned, not only for my well-being, but that of my entire family as well.

Candidate for Sourcing Opportunity

You have shown my family and me a kindness, understanding and nurturing that I had never before received from a recruiter. The term “headhunter’’ definitely does not apply to you. You are in a league of your own.

Jeff Rives

Former Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ruff Hewn, Inc. & Rives International, Inc.

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, President, MRI Chapel Hill Solutions, Inc. 

If you want to be associated with a true professional Executive Recruiter, look no further than Ron Ellis.

Ron brings extensive experience of working in several corporate settings. He has manufacturing experience in Fiberglass R & D, Chemical, and textile manufacturing. Because of his superior performance and knowledge, he became a valuable member of the Board of Directors of a textile industry leader. What sets Ron apart from others in the field is that he took his Board and operational experience and into an HR executive position for several large corporations. This has allowed Ron to completely relate to his clients. He has walked in their shoes. Ron is one you can absolutely trust and count on to finish the assignment completely, on time and in budget. His candor and honesty are refreshing. Ron is the Gold Standard.

As we were building our sportswear company and moving our manufacturing facilities into Central America, I turned to Ron to support us. He became a strategic and integral part of our team. He vast knowledge of and contacts in the apparel and textile industry were invaluable for us. Ron found us the key players we needed to fill important roles that allowed us to maintain our growth and meet our goals. Ron makes sure the position is right for his candidate and that the candidate not only has the required skill set, but most importantly is a good culture fit for your company.

Ron is selfless in his helping others in the recruiting business. He provides solid support for old and new owners of search firms. Having Ron available to discuss the proper and most successful way to operate a search firm is invaluable. He has “been there and done that”. I aspire one day to be half as good a recruiter as he is.

Ron is the Gold Standard.

Jennifer Burleson-Brooks

Human Resources Generalist/Recruiter

Lane Bryant

Diana has been a great asset to me here at Lane Bryant. She has helped me find some wonderful talent and has been a God-send. She is very professional and hilarious which is fabulous in high stress times. She is very compassionate and cares about the candidates and her clients and not just the paycheck.

Robert "Bob" Ferris

Chief Executive Officer & President

FEPCO Group, Inc.

At the top of his profession. Knows what to do, and does it. You can't miss when working with Ron.


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