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Our Process

The majority of our clients prefer the Priority Search approach for filling an urgent need to find a "right fit" candidate. When a client has multiple openings to fill, they often find the Project Search to be the most effective option. Since the inception of our firm, we have filled 100% of the Priority Searches on time and with candidates who met or exceeded all of our client's expectations.

Our Search And Selection Process

Our search and selection process allows us to be a partner with our clients from the initial planning to the final placement of the candidate. The steps involved in conducting a successful search include:      

Planning and Needs Analysis

Research and Search

Candidate Presentation

Interview Facilitation

Offer Negotiations

Value Added Services and Transition Assistance

Ongoing Relationship

All information concerning your company and the search is kept strictly confidential. We will not reveal the identity of a client to a candidate until it is both necessary and appropriate. Likewise, we ask you not to conduct premature reference inquiries that might jeopardize a candidate's current employment.

In Closing

Our ultimate goal is to become a trusted partner with our client companies. We save clients time, money, and effort by enabling them to do what they do best - manage their businesses - without having to worry about staffing issues. The Mayberry Group wishes you and your company well in all of its endeavors, and welcomes the opportunity to contribute to your success. Please feel free to contact a member of our staff to begin a mutually beneficial business relationship.

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