Today's Date is April 9, 2020

Client Interviewing Tips

As professional recruiters dedicated to ensuring that our clients hire the best people for their openings, we know that the best candidate does not always get the job. As a Hiring Manager, you know that it is costly for you and your company if you make the wrong hiring decision for a critical position in your organization. That is why it is imperative that you hone your interviewing skills so that you can make good, informed decisions regarding who really is the right person for the job. It is not enough to choose the candidate who can do the job but it is imperative that the new hire fits into the company's culture as well.

An interview provides a valuable opportunity for you and the candidate to learn more about each other. Learning more about candidates will enable you to predict more accurately how each candidate might perform in the specific position to be filled. You can't learn all you need to know about a candidate's true value in just five minutes.

Candidates also have a right to learn more about the job for which they are interviewed. You get the most from the interview by carefully planning in advance what information you want to learn from candidates as well as what they need to learn from you.

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