Today's Date is April 9, 2020

Preparation is Critical

The foundation for a successful interview is preparation – performing the necessary research to learn as much as possible to be sure the prospective job is a good fit for you and equally important, to impress the people with whom you’ll interview. To begin, gather information about the company and its management. The Internet offers a wealth of company information and industry statistics. Know the company’s products and services. Be prepared to tell the interviewer why their company is attractive to you. You’ll also want to review the company’s recent annual and quarterly reports. Leading up to the interview, read financial and other pertinent publications for up-to-date information. Follow the company’s stock price if it’s publicly traded. And in today’s technology driven arena, you can search the Internet and World Wide Web for information on many companies. Check out our Links Page to start your search.

If your prospective employer has retail outlets in the area, visit them to get a front-line feel for the organization. For certain manufacturers, look for their products in retail stores and ask sales representatives about quality and sales volume.

Contact persons who may do business with the target organization or, at one time, were employees. A key link in your network is your MRI account executive who will be extremely well versed in the company’s activities.

Things to Remember:
  • You always need to “take temperatures” because people have minds and they’re changing them constantly.
  • You need to listen to what they don’t say.
  • People have to buy you before they buy from you.
  • People hire and accept emotionally first and justify logically later.
  • People are most sold by your conviction rather than by your persuasion.
  • Know your technology, but think PEOPLE.
  • The decision to hire is made in the first 5 to 10 minutes of the interview, with the remaining time spent justifying that decision.

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