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Franchise Opportunities

Going Into Business For Yourself

There is, of course, one paramount issue that needs to be decided: should you be going into business for yourself? Ownership of a franchise is just this; therefore, the first point to be resolved is whether or not you want to be your own boss or if you are the type of person who should be. If you are currently in business for yourself, there is nothing we can tell you here about the subject other than, through us, you will have the opportunity to earn more than you are earning at the present time and you will have the satisfaction of reporting solely to yourself. In doing this, you will become a member of our industry which is one of the most rapidly growing service businesses in the United States and, in fact, the world. It is a business already measured in the billions of dollars.

Personal Considerations

Job Security. If you've never been in business for yourself, are you ready to give up the security of a job for the opportunity of owning your own business? Or, if you are unemployed, are you prepared to invest in yourself versus seeking a corporate position? We all know that many, if not most, of those individuals who earn incomes at the highest levels are self-employed. But the only way to get into your own business is to have the courage to make an investment of capital, and of self, and to give up the security of a paycheck. It takes guts. You will have to work long and hard hours…attend to a myriad of details...take some hard knocks...and make initial sacrifices.

Risk. All right, let's assume you are willing to accept all of the above. There is one more factor and it is most important of all. Risk. If you are willing to assume all the burdens of entrepreneurship, wouldn't it be wonderful to cheerfully undertake them knowing there was no risk involved? In other words, it would all be worthwhile because the element of risk would have been removed and you would be guaranteed success.

Well, that's an impossibility. There is risk. You cannot remove risk nor can you, or anyone for that matter, guarantee success. But we can tell you this. If your destiny calls for you to be in business for yourself, and if you're right for our business, we can help minimize the risk factor, and assist and guide you in building a business that, once built, can give you the rewards, satisfaction and security that go with achievement. We have proven that we have the key to success. We've used it to open many doors. Today, there are approximately 1000 offices in our network, which is by far the largest in the world. Management Recruiters Inc. (MRI) has been a member of the International Franchise Association (IFA) since 1965, which has over 1,000 members. In 1988 we were honored with the organization's top award based on franchisee/franchisor relations. This non-annual award is formal recognition of our business philosophy of continual service and support to enhance the success of MRI offices.

The MRI Philosophy

MRI's business philosophy is to succeed through the establishment, development and maintenance of successful franchises. MRI's profitability is not based on the successful sale of franchises, but on the successful opening and operation of franchises with the highest caliber owner/managers possible and on the collection of royalties on their revenues. MRI has invested in the finest training and support services and continually improves upon them to encourage growth and effectiveness in every office. The long-term success of an office with ever-increasing production is our ultimate goal, because our success literally depends upon your success.

The MRI System

The most beneficial result of your relationship with MRI as franchisee to franchisor is learning and using our business system. The way we conduct business, "the system," has been constantly evolved and refined since 1957. We have smoothed the wrinkles and filled in the gaps along the way, continually enhancing and improving our way of doing business. The objective of our business system is to encourage client companies to come to us as they would to a consultant. When people have legal problems they consult a lawyer. When they have medical problems they consult a physician. When companies have staffing problems they should consult us. For candidates, we add opportunities to their career potential and facilitate their career advancement. We, in effect, become the employment consultant/problem-solver for both the client and the candidate.


In recent years, we’ve all heard about one of the prime causes of business failure . . . lack of capital. Of course, it's true that many businesses do fail because of the inability of the principals to maintain their business with the funds they have or are able to borrow.

The most recent studies have brought a newer and more valid concept to the industry. The consensus today is that 90% to 95% of businesses that fail do so because of poor management and/or improper executive decisions. This is where we come in. Although in a legal sense we’re not your partner, we still are a vital and integral part of your business.

We will take part, with you, in making those executive decisions, which should result in your business becoming a success. As a matter of fact, through this type of success in both our franchised and company-owned operations, we became a publicly owned company and in 1972, merged into a larger company, CDI Corporation. CDI, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), is one of the country's largest staffing companies.

If you should truly be in business for yourself - if you're right for our business - if you're right for Management Recruiters International Inc. - if Management Recruiters International Inc. is right for you, there is no reason why you cannot be our next success story.

What is the next step? Simply pick up a phone and call us at (336) 789-3200. We would like to have an opportunity to answer your questions and to extend a personal invitation for you to visit our corporate offices.

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