Today's Date is April 9, 2020

Benefits of MRI The Mayberry Group

MRI The Mayberry group is comprised of a team of professional recruiting consultants, specializing in providing an array of staffing services to locate candidates with specifically defined skills, experience, abilities and a proven track record of success for client companies who demand excellence in their staff.

In order for us to do our best for you, the first and most crucial step in the process of filling your position is to obtain full details about the position. This includes all of the duties, responsibilities and activities as well as specialized skills needed that are a part of the position, as well as details concerning your organization, your industry, etc. It also includes the all-important “chemistry” or “culture” of your organization – the special things that set your organization apart from your competitors. “Fitting in” is often the most important key to a successful “marriage” – the person whose pace, image, work-related philosophy, etc. “meshes” with your overall company culture.

It takes time and patience to assemble all of this information but it is time well spent because it will pay off in time saved later and will increase your chances of hiring the right individual for your position.

Once we have all the necessary information, we begin the actual search process according to the terms of the staffing solution option you select e.g., Retained, Priority, Contingency or Project Search. This process includes identifying and locating, qualifying and screening and then presenting selected candidates to you in total confidence.

When a decision to hire is made, we will assist you and the candidate in negotiating a suitable compensation package and reaching an agreement regarding any other details that might arise. We will assist the candidate in resigning gracefully from his or her current position and coach them on the dangers of accepting a counteroffer.

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