Today's Date is May 26, 2020


MRI The Mayberry Group's staff will work closely with you to ensure that no deviations from your company's profile occur. We are committed to delivering only the best candidates for your opportunities. Aggressive research and sophisticated profiling techniques based on proven behavioral models and tested over the last 35 years enable us to present to you a pre-qualified candidate "short list" that meets the requirements set forth by you, our client.

Informed Job Seekers

In any economy, uniquely qualified candidates are in high demand. In today's economy, employers are choosing candidates that are smarter, better educated, more confident and more technically skilled to fill their most critical openings. Plant closings, reorganizations and fears of recession have created more competition among candidates vying for open positions. But the quest for talent is not about filling job openings. There is a difference between needing talent and having job openings. In any economy, every company needs better talent. In this knowledge economy, unique talent is the competitive edge. Finding the right talent that can make things happen, while others wait for things to happen, can pay huge dividends.

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